Become an Exhibitor Promote, Market & Advertise

Connect with Hundreds of Brides All in One Place

Put your marketing dollars to good use by reaching hundreds of brides all under the same roof.

You’re Only Talking to Your Target Audience

The brides (and grooms, mothers, sisters, mothers-in-law, etc.) are all there because they’re planning a wedding—either their own or the one of someone they love. You won’t be spending time talking to people who have no need for your service, because they’re all there for the same reason!

Promising Leads

Choose the right show that brings in the type of brides you want to work with, and you’ll be able to collect email address and phone numbers of people who want to know more about your services!

Your Competition is Already Doing it

Chances are, your competitors are already exhibiting in bridal shows. You can do some research on your competitors, but by registering to be a vendor in a show, you also have the opportunity to make a better impression than they did.

Gain Credibility

In the bridal industry, you need to be recognized by other professionals in the field and brides planning their weddings. Attending bridal shows will help you do that by making connections and showing that you’re reputable and trustworthy. People are more likely to trust and want to work with people they meet in person.


Being a vendor in a bridal show isn’t just about meeting those who are planning their weddings. It’s also about meeting other industry professionals. You never know what type of referral relationships you can build with others in the industry. Remember, it makes them look good to refer a quality, trusted source to the brides they’re working with.

  • I went to my very first bridal show at St. Noel's yesterday with my future mother in law and had an amazing time! I also won the grand prize! it was so great and is helping making my dream day come true! thank you to all the vendors,and Traci was awesome!
  • Traci Sampson is absolutely amazing!! I've been a vendor at her events!
  • My mom and I had a really great time at the Signature Bridal Show! I am so glad that we went, we were able to meet so many vendors and get some ideas for my wedding. I am planning on using at least two of the vendors that we met at the show. They had a lot of really good prizes to give away at the end too, and I ended up winning the raffle for $500 for the vendor of my choice! I could not be more excited! Thank you so much Traci Sampson for a wonderful show!

Become a Sponsor

Want to be seen even more than just having a booth? As a sponsor at a PMA Show event, you will receive extensive benefits designed to complement your marketing objectives and provide an even bigger return on investment for your company.

  • Your company’s name and logo included in all our advertising efforts for the show
  • A bigger, more spacious booth area in a prime location that will attract even more attention and offer easier access to potential customers
  • Sponsorships are exclusive to each category, so you’ll be putting yourself ahead of your competition

Keep in mind, sponsorships are exclusive to each category, and the number of sponsors per show is limited, so don’t wait before getting more information on how to become a sponsor! You don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to start reaping even more benefits from our bridal shows by increasing your advertising and promotions.

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