Ensuring Vendor Success at Bridal Expos

Ensuring Vendor Success at Bridal Expos

If you’re a vendor in the wedding industry, then you know how much you enjoy pursuing your dreams and being your own boss!  There is a lot of competition out there, and everyone wants to be the best of the best. Listed below are a few tips and tricks that will help your business continue thriving! The following tips will help you with your social skills, advertisement, how to be better than the competition, and how to simply take your business to the next level by utilizing bridal expos.

  1. Always remember that you are there to build your business and brand and to get leads. You are there to work. Stay focused on your goals! You can have fun, but make sure to remember that this is still business and should be treated as such.
  2. Try to book a meeting with a hesitant bride rather than forcing a sale right then and there at the show. You do not want to spend 15-30 minutes trying to win over one bride while you miss out on 15 potential clients that walk right by your booth. Booking a meeting instead of trying to force a sale allows you more time to prepare a more personal touch to your presentation.  When you try and force a sale, you also look needy, and it can be a huge turn-off to many potential clients.
  3. Stand in front of your booth. It is important to be as personable as possible. Standing in front of your booth allows you to easily meet all new brides that walk by. When you hide behind your booth, it looks more like a dealer table and lowers the required personal experience that really gets brides to book.
  4. Smile and have fun. Brides will feel your enthusiasm and your energy levels. You want them to feel welcome and to know that you are there to give them the best experience possible. The extra effort goes a long way. This also includes being proactive in talking to brides that come near your booth. Don’t wait for them to come to you. If you see them looking, go say hello, and invite them to look at your booth. Don’t offer your services right away; rather, ask them about their wedding and what they are looking for in terms of theme and ideas.  Showing interest in their big day makes them feel even more excited as they begin to talk and think about it.
  5. Remember to have your branding (logo, address, etc.) on anything you give to brides. You want them to be able to easily find and contact you after the show. Most brides are given a bag at the beginning of the expo and use this to collect anything passed out while they attend.  When they go home, they will look through this bag to see exactly what they got during the day.  If your logo is on each and every item, they will continue to see your name, and it will be imprinted in their minds.
  6. Encourage brides to ask you questions. You want brides to be imagining their wedding as much as possible. Let them ask you questions, and be sure to ask them questions that require responses more in-depth than just a “yes” or “no.” Get them thinking about their wedding and how great it will be using your service! The more they can actually picture and envision your services at their wedding, the more likely they are to use you.
  7. Use social media: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram- any social media you have, you need to use. Promote your attendance at the show and your freebies/giveaways to all of your followers. While at the show, be sure to share live video, tweets, and posts about how great it is at the show, how much fun you are having, and any other exciting news. If you know that there is an influential social media user at the show, be sure to connect with them, and try to leverage their own audience to help your business. Promote yourself by promoting them.
  8. Offer discounts. Getting leads is super important at the show, but if you can get bookings and/or sales too? That’s icing on the cake. To encourage brides to make their decisions at your booth, it is always a good idea to give a discount or throw in extras when the bride decides to book right then and there at the show. You can make this an exclusive show offer that only attendees have access to. It is important to let them know that as soon as they leave the show, this special goes away.
  9. Giveaways go a long way! It doesn’t matter if your freebie is simple, be sure to give something away! Everyone loves free stuff, and giveaways are simply one of the best ways to draw brides to your booth.
  10. Talk your service/product up. You want brides to feel like your product or service is the best at the expo. Don’t be modest. Tell them why your product will give them the wedding of their dreams. If you know that your competitors are at the show, be sure to demonstrate why choosing you over them is the smartest choice the bride can make. If you show confidence in your product/service, then the bride will feel the same way.

If you don’t follow any of the previous suggestions, please, please, please, at least follow up after the show. This is where the magic happens. The majority of all bookings and sales come AFTER the show, but only to those that follow up with their leads. Hopefully during the show you took good notes, and were able to personalize your offerings to the bride. You want them to feel like you specifically remembered them when you follow up.  Following these tips will help you get an edge on the competition and make your next experience great and successful.


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