As a wedding vendor, you are always doing research trying to find what the next best thing is to stand out from the rest.  Sometimes you are so focused on what to do that you often don’t think of what not to do!  Sometimes you might not notice the things you are doing, but these things might be causing you to miss out on talking to potential customers (or gaining their interest).  The following list will help you understand or realize some big DON’Ts that may help you gain extra clients at your next big expo!

One big thing you should never do is leave the show early!  A lot of the magic can actually happen right after the show.  Some vendors get a lot of their clients after the show has ended.  Brides are often on the fence and stay after the show to linger around still trying to make decisions.  Showing care and concern to them can go a long way and make you stick out in their memory most.  Make sure to also tell them about your specials again as an added reminder.  Also, nothing can look worse for your business than an open booth or brides seeing that you are packing up and heading out.

Don’t ever speak poorly about your competition.  There is a big difference between talking up your services versus talking down your competition.  You are not there to sling mud on anyone else, but rather to shine through the rest by having a better product and business manner than the rest.

Don’t eat at your booth or talk on your cellphone.  There is nothing worse than trying to talk about your big day to a salesperson with a mouth full of food.  Also, when you are on your cell phone, you are not engaging with the soon-to-be-brides as they walk by and don’t show to them that you are available for conversation and can miss out on many opportunities.  Both of these actions can make you become disconnected with your potential clients as you appear distracted and uninterested with them and more focused on your food or phone.

Make sure you don’t forget to follow up, follow up…oh, and follow up!  There is nothing more important than following up with potential clients.  This shows them that you are eager, engaged, and happily ready to take them on as a client.  When you are at the show, be sure to take notes so that you can follow up with the bride on a more personal level, allowing her to feel as though you remember her especially and making her feel important.  All of your hard work setting up, preparing, and attending the show will all have been for nothing if you don’t follow up.

When you are standing in the front of your booth, remember, don’t cross your arms or show unwelcoming posture.  A salesperson who is sitting down, crouched over with a frown, or avoiding eye contact is very unwelcoming.  This can lead to brides walking right past your booth and not wanting to even stop and see what you have to offer.  Keep your head up and a smile on your face at all times!

Hopefully taking note of these tips on what not to do at a bridal expo can lead you to gaining more clients and a more worthwhile overall experience at your next bridal expo!  Remember to always have fun and stay professional.  Sometimes we get so lost in trying to do everything right, we often lose sight of what we could be doing wrong.  Keeping these tips in mind next time will ensure a successful venture!


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